In clinical terms, I integrate interpersonal, feminist, and ACT theories within a multicultural and ecological framework. What this means is that I work from the perspective that relationships are critically important in shaping our lives, including how we relate to ourselves. I also attend to power dynamics and the impact of societal, cultural, and political forces in your life. This allows us to work in a way that supports and facilitates empowerment. I encourage clients to accept themselves and their struggles because this is critically important in creating real, lasting change. Supporting behavioral and environmental changes is also important for many clients. I strive to be aware of and understand both of our worldviews, and am sensitive to how our two worldviews may influence therapy.

Each person’s journey towards healing, growth, connection, or self-discovery looks different. I honor this by varying how I work to best meet your needs and context. I see therapy as a collaboration between two experts; I have expertise in psychology, change, growth, and development, while you have expertise in your experiences, your needs, and your desires. As a therapist I strive to create, in collaboration with you, a setting that feels safe and supportive, and from here work to facilitate change.