Career and IQ Assessment

Maybe you’re in a career and considering a change, or maybe you’re school and unsure about your major. Maybe you’re even in a career or a major that you enjoy but you’re having a hard time performing the way you’d like. Career assessments can help identify which fields are likely to be the best match for you. Working together we can explore what your results mean for you, barriers to reaching your goals, strengths to build on, and changes that can help you reach your goals.

IQ assessments can be helpful for a number of reasons. When thinking about career and school, IQ tests can help us identify and understand why certain tasks or classes may be more difficult. This information allows us to work together to determine the best strategies to continue towards your goals.

LPS students should note that LPS does provide assessments for learning disabilities as well as giftedness at no additional cost to the family.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in these assessments or discussing these issues in therapy.