Assessments of Functioning, Well-Being, Psychological Style, and Other Issues

Not every person needs or wants to complete a formal assessment. While some people are very interested in this kind of process, others have a strong preference to avoid it, many people are in between. In working together we can discuss if a formal assessment makes sense and would be useful for you. There are times where formal assessment is very helpful in identifying barriers, increasing self-awareness and understanding, and signaling what kind of strategies are most likely to be effective in helping you reach your goals. In these situations I am able to draw from a wide array of assessments to best meet the need.

In addition to the eating disorder, career and IQ, personality, interpersonal, and couples assessments, and assessments for hormone therapy and sex-reassignment surgery I provide, here is a sample of some of the other types of assessments available:

  • Depression – identifying symptoms and severity
  • Anxiety – identifying symptoms and severity
  • Trauma – identifying symptoms of traumatic stress, their impact and severity
  • Identifying high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder and Social Communication Disorder (formerly Asperger Syndrome)
  • Identifying and exploring personal strengths
  • Stress inventories – considering the impact of recent stressors, both eustress and distress
  • Coping styles
  • Mindfulness based assessments

If you know you are interested in a particular assessment we can discuss how to best include it in your therapy. Contact me for more information or if you are wondering about an assessment not addressed here.